The EB Bond Broken !

It’s been over 2 years and here I am celebrating my 3rd birthday with WordPress. Forgetting the ritual, my exams forgot to occur on my birthday. Yes ! The 18 years Exam-Birthday (EB) Bond has been broken. The advantage of training semester! Finally, A birthday without exam. 😉 Yeah, I miss them. 😦 But, I’ve learnt to let things go. 😛 However, My birthday didn’t break the ritual for my friends. They have their exam today being in the regular semester. Agile, it is. My favourite subject- the subject I’ve helped them the most in and have been constantly asking for the treat for my “secret Agile notes”. 😛
Coincidentally, the day they were supposed to empty their pockets have collided with the day they empty mine. 😉
I hope my pocket wins over their.
Okay, marking a full stop to my today’s bak-bak with a hope that on this birthday, I get a lot more to learn and improve, progressing each day for my and my family’s betterment.
Bonne nuit everyone !
Keep smiling and rocking ! 🙂

Title credits: Divyanshi

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