Hi there !

I am Saloni and I started blogging simply because I liked doing it.

I’ll start by introducing myself a bit.

I have completed my Masters in Data Engineering from IIIT-D.
I have worked as an SDE intern in Amazon for 6 months.
I currently work as Researcher in TCS Innovation Labs.

Belonging to a small city Ludhiana, I have made my way so far with utmost dedication and hard-work. Having seen myself struggle during my graduation days in learning concepts without finding one complete resource, I started blogging on various concepts that were less found during those times like Bresenham Algorithm, Latex Tikz  package etc. To help Gate aspirants, I also blogged about my journey of cracking GATE, the resources that I used etc.  After cracking GATE and getting the right exposure in IIIT-D, I realised how important it is for everyone to become aware and enlightened. Even in IIIT-D, my self-doubting attitude made me go through a lot of struggle. In every semester, I learnt – not only the subjects but about myself, my capabilites, and that dedication can achieve wonders. Now that I think about my younger self, I realise how easy it would have been with someone like “present-me” to guide through. And this is how, I started writing even more.  Without forgetting to mention my love for writing, I suggest you to visit bawejasaloni.in
Hope that helps ! 🙂

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “About

  1. First of all congrats for your achievement in GATE and a good staring blogger. I am studying ICT engineering in 3rd year, and I am confident about basics of computer science subjects. I want to crack GATE in 2018 with out COACHING. So can you help me to guide n my journey, because you experienced this journey very well. Thank you in advance!!!!!!
    my blog at ashutoshaay.wordpress.com and it is in underconstruction!!

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