A visit to NSIT-Delhi

So, after exploring the options of IITs and NITs(through CCMT), NSIT was the next option to explore. NSIT doesn’t conduct any test/interview post Gate and admissions are purely based on merit in Gate.
7th June:
They had called the candidates who applied for admission for document verification. Yes, for mere document verification, students had to travel to Delhi. So, I and papa reached there at around 8:30 a.m in the morning. Things started 1 hour after the scheduled time of 9:30 a.m. Most of the students and guardians were not happy with this thing where everyone had to travel for document verification even when getting admission is not final. However, coming to the campus, it was big. The buildings gave a royal look. We left as soon as the verification was done. It was hectic travelling for more than 12 hours in a single day.
At the latest:
I received a call for admission from NSIT in the 5th round at July end when I was already happily settled elsewhere. 🙂

The Call from IIT Madras !

Okay !! So, the happiest moment that could ever had found its way into my life was — A Call from IIT Madras !
April 8, 2016 — the day when I thought all my sins washed away :p ( Sab paap dhul gye ), the day that didn’t let the curve around my lips go fader !
I was called for MS interview/written test at IIT Madras on 29-30th April. Yeah, this day. I should supposedly be writing the test IITM was supposed to conduct today. The test might be going on But ‘without’ me. This hurts actually ! I don’t know when this ‘getting hurt’ period is going to end.
I was so very excited about the call. But, because my family didn’t want me to go that far, I’m still here. Mumma says some dreams can’t be fulfilled because they are 2,178.8 km away. 😦 The IIT tag couldn’t do the convincing. Nevertheless, I’m still hopeful for a good and securing future. Life can’t be hurting always, after all !
Waiting for the good days to come.

Regarding NewGradiance

Are you looking for the solutions to the back exercises of Os Galvin, DBMS Navathe, CA Morris mano and what not? Here you are at the right place !
An awesome tool to make your GATE preparation easier !

In this post I’m going to talk about NewGradiance. NewGradiance is the website which features many good subject wise practice tests for Free. It is built by legends in computer Science like Jeffery Ullman. It has questions based on Reference book material, this questions are very conceptual in nature – You can say this are reference book questions. This questions are organized like indivisual chapter wise test series. I believe questions are as good as or even better than GATE questions.

First of all I’ll like to thank Professor Jeffery Ullman for keeping this site with so much quality questions free of cost and you all know his other contributions to computer science, so i would not reiterate it here.  Best feature of this site is that , you can every single test 10 times, but every time you’ll get new question based on concept of Root question.


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