Does testosterone guarantee high intellect ?

Few weeks back, a small episode that occurred to me left me perplexed. I was boggled seeing the duplicitous behavior of people around me who claim themselves to be ‘ultra-modern’. I and one of my friends ( male friend ) were discussing the problems we faced while configuring our laptops. Coincidentally, we both encountered the same problems. The problem my friend discussed was genuinely heard and considered, whereas, later, when I dictated the same problem, the same bunch of people resorted to sarcasm, giving me the ironical salute for what I did while configuring my laptop. I was bewildered and flustered by the way they reacted to a problem that was genuine enough to be considered, but, since the one who narrated it, was a girl this time, so, they reacted indifferently. :/
This episode left me a bit perturbed and I began wondering about how hypocritical people are. On one side, they claim themselves to be ultra-modish, while, on the other side, they are still sticking to that illogical and imprudent mentality of girls/women belonging to a feeble and ‘not-so-mindful’ class.
Well, this was not the only event that impinged me and forced to write about this. Few days later, during a casual conversation, one of my seniors stated, ‘Ladkiyo k paas dimag nahi hota‘. This line too, did its work and left me dazed & worried. This, all, that happened, was so disheartening that, even, I started doubting myself. Am I, ( being a girl ) unmindful ? Am I not strong enough to compete with the other ‘so-very-mindful-considered’ category ? Is testosterone a measure of high intellect ?
Can’t we challenge the validity of such baseless beliefs ? Isn’t this a crucial matter to be thought upon ? Isn’t it ?


Aisi hai Daastaa Meri zindagi ki..
Pal mein Hasaati, Pal mein Rulaati..
Ajeeb se Sawaal ye uthaati ,
Jab dhundhna chaahu jawaab , Toh khud hi chup kar jaati..

Ye sapne hai dikhati,
 Mushkile hain banaati..
Jab suljhaana chaahu unhe, Toh uljhano ko hai badhaati..

Aisi hai Daasta Meri zindagi ki…

Kabhi logo se milvati,
Toh kabhi unse saath chudvaati…
Jab toot jaaun in sab se.. 
Toh khud hi haunsla hai dilaati..

Kabhi Anjaan bheed mein peeche ye kar deti
Toh kabhi safar mein akela chorr hai jaati
Jab dhundhle lagne lage raaste,
 Toh khud hi manzil tak pahunchaati

Aisi hai Daasta Meri zindagi ki…

Kabhi sapno ko choor choor ye kar deti ,aur ,
Niraasha k andhkaar se mujhe ye gher deti
Jab nikal na paau iss andhere se ,
Toh aashaa ki kirno se raushni hai failaati..

Kabhi har Ek pag par galtiyan ye karvaati
Toh kabhi path se hi bhatka ye jaati
Par iske baavjood bhi bahut kuch hai sikhlaati

Aisi hai Daastaa Meri zindagi ki…

Kabhi neem si kadvi , Kabhi shehad si meethi ye lagti
Kabhi dhup si garm toh Kabhi thandi chaaon si ye bhaati..
Par inn sab ke bina pheeki ye pad jaati..

Kabhi phulo ki sej si lagti
Toh kabhi kaante hai chubhoti
Kabhi muskurahte hai failaati
Toh kabhi aankho ko nam hai hai chod jati

Kuch aisi thi Daastaa meri zindagi ki..

Pal mein Hasaati Pal meinRrulaati
Ajeeb se sawaal ye uthaati ,
Jab dhundhna chaahu jawaab , Toh khud hi chup kar jaati..

Bas itni si thi Daastaa meri zindagi ki
Bas itni si thi Daastaa meri zindagi….


Why Compare..??

Few days back, the announcement of my Semester-3 Results made me Complacent.It went pretty well for me.But for some, it brought disappointment. Some of my friends were greatly disappointed even after scoring well enough like an 80+ score(Hmmm..Not getting a backlog…passing with confederated score of 80..So very whelming for two meager students, Isn’t it!!).While some of them, surprisingly, were happy scoring a score that didn’t seem so great to hear.But this left me with commotion and concern. Who were the happier ones?? -the former or the latter?–who were the contented ones? Pondering and Envisaging for long, I reasoned all this to the notion of ‘Comparing Yourself With Others’–COMPARISON--the word,this time,didn’t sound much genial to me.The ones who scored good enough were disappointed by the fact that they were still behind some others who scored better than them. This reminds me of a very popular line of the movie ‘3-Idiots’–‘DOST JAB FAIL HOTA HAI TO DUKH HOTA HAI PAR DOST JAB FIRST AATA HAI TO ZYADA DUKH HOTA HAI..’. We all laugh everytime we hear or read this dialogue, Isn’t it? But peculiarly, It didn’t gladden me much this time. May be because, this concept of ‘Comparison’ was hovering over my mind from the past hour and I could sense a bit of the same from this.
Isn’t the present scenario like–‘ I Am Happy because I’ve got much of it but I am sadder because others have got more than me’??This not-so-currently-pleasant-seeming word ‘Comparison‘ seems to have deeper roots.I remember, during my childhood, my mother made me drink milk saying…’Drink it  dear, nhi toh Sia( our neighbour’s daughter) tumse jaldi badi ho jayegi’.(All mothers do the same). That sounds stupid. But since this notion, presently, has prevaded over my mind,this immaturely-silly point,too,did impinge me. This is where the consideration of this idea is rooted to. We’ve been taught to live with this as if we were born to be stronger,richer,better than our neighbours’s kids,our relatives, friends etc etc.
I don’t say seeing oneself in the first place and working for it is bad. However, we need to understand the difference between Comparison and Competition(a healthy one) as they go hand in hand. It serves a good purpose until it doesn’t start acting as a demotivator or disheartens oneself completely.But,Now, We all Have become so very habitude to this that we everytime end up segregating ourselves or others.
Teens, These days rebel to get latest smart phones, tablets, ipads etc etc not because they are in need of that but because their friends have got one or the other latEst gadget.Its like..’ You want it not because You need it..You want it because Your friend has it’..likely..’You are not much happy that u scored good but You are sadder because someone else scored more than You’..’You are not satisfied because You are good but You are depressed beacuse he or she is better than u’..I don’t really understand this concept..WHY COMPARE??..Were We born to run like freaks in this never-so-ending-frantic race of leading others ??? Isn’t that like disobliging Your own self..Your individuality..Your uniqueness..?? 
You need to realize–You Are Here For A Purpose…A Purpose That Is Unique In Itself…A Purpose That Must Be SELF-INSPIRED...A Purpose That Defines You!! Each one of us possesses a character that is built up of Good and Bad points, Strengths and Weaknesses.You need not be Ashamed of that.Stay contented with what you have and Work for your own betterment rather than to compete or lead.Don’t base Your Assumptions,Your Opinions About Your Own Self Upon This Immature Notion Of Comparison.IDENTIFY THE REAL YOU THAT LIES SOMEWHERE DEEP INSIDE! Work towards your Goal..The Self Stimulated Goal!!


SUCCESS : What Matters The Most..?

SUCCESS – The Most ‘Sugar Coated’  Word That Sounds Sweet To Every Ear On This Earth. Everyone Of Us , Without Any Exception , Wants To Sleep In The Lap Of Success. We Are Running Like Freaks behind this ‘not-so-easily-getable’ thing called Success. But, Have we ever Taken A Pause, To realise, where are we heading towards?–Are we on the right path, doing the right thing?–Will this race lead us to our triumph?–Is there any need to run behind this success,even?–What is that is needed the most to be successful?? 

So, here’s A Formula for it…..
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z….
Is Equal To
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K =
8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 =

K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E =
11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 =

L+O+V+E =
12+15+22+5 =

L+U+C+K =
12+21+3+11 =

None Of Them Makes 100%
Then What Is That Matters The Most, Here?
What Is that makes 100% ?

Is It Money?


What is the Solution, Then?

Don’t Worry, Remember, Every Problem Has a solution, Only If we Change our ATTITUDE

A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E =
1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

Yes, It’s Our Attitude Towards life & work That makes OUR LIFE 100% Successful. A Positive Attitude Equals Positive Results; If you step out of a negative character, you will discontinue with negative results.
It’s not the Problem you face it, it is how you face the problemComplaining about how little time you have will take even more time away from you. So, Simply, accept that time is limited, and make full use of it.
The Caliber of a person is not how well he prepares for everything to go right, but how he stands up and moves on after everything has gone wrong.
Not only to be Successful, But our Attitude..our Thoughts..have a major part to play in every aspect of our lives. Life is like a Seesaw, it has its ups and downs, but your perception and how you take those ups and downs will determine how you will react to them. Your Attitude and Behaviour will determine how much and what kind of respect a person will have for you. Your Attitude not only determines your life but how much Success you will have in it. Think positive and positive things will happen.
An Attitude can communicate as much as any words. It is the expression of the energy you carry in the moment–Good or bad, happy or sad, angry or kind, loving or hateful. Never Forget, “It is you who have the ability to feel good, no matter what is happening.” It is a choice. If you dwell on what is wrong, nothing will seem right.
SO, Be Luminous. Don’t Adapt Yourself To The Circumstances Around You, But change Them to be Better. Always Take Your SunShine Wherever You go AND Remember, “IN ONE MINUTE, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE AND IN THAT ONE MINUTE YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE DAY..MAY BE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.”